Take Action Now

Police Reform

Here are some immediate actions law enforcement officials can take in Cecil County.

Ban Chokeholds & Strangleholds

All Law Enforcement Agencies in Cecil County must ban the use of chokeholds/strangleholds or anything that restricts air flow. This needs to be accompanied with swift disciplinary for any violations up to and including termination.

Dissolve the Blue Wall of Silence

The Law Enforcement Officer Bill of Rights must be repealed in its entirety. Additionally, police misconduct must be fully disclosed under the Maryland Public Information Act.

Train Officers on Racial Sensitivity, Diversity and De-Escalation Tactics

Increase training on de-escalation and internal bias and disclose to the public the training curriculum as well as the vendor being used.



Ensure independent investigations of all officers involved in complaints, misconduct, injuries or deaths

Form a Civilian Board that has the ability to review the full personnel file of any new hires to any law enforcement agency in Cecil. This Civilian Board should have subpoena power to conduct investigations and be equipped with resources and mechanisms to pass along disciplinary measures if needed.

Provide body cams and make them mandatory for any law enforcement officer operating in Cecil County

Develop and implement a policy in which failure to properly utilize the camera results in swift disciplinary action up to and including termination. Additionally, all camera footage must be released within a week for incidents resulting in death, serious injury or that give rise to charges of excessive force. These shall be purchased under current budgets without additional funding to departments.



Creating a sense of belongingness for all.

Diversity Training

Focusing on cultural likenesses and differences. Constructing learning opportunities to create an understanding of our peers.

Mandatory Minority/Ethnic Studies

To include Black/Latinx embedded in our history courses and in particular highlighting minorities for their outstanding contributions to this country.


Trauma-Informed Care

Embed coping mechanisms for trauma and implement preventative plans to reintroduce students into healthy learning environments.


Invest in and retain Black school counselors, administrators, and psychologists.