Cecil Solidarity is proud of the momentum and forward progress we’ve made over the past year. There is still work to do and we remain committed to driving tangible change through action and advocacy.

Remaining focused is critical to the success of our mission. As such, our board has identified three strategic areas of focus for 2021:


Police Reform

To push for defunding of police departments in order to fully fund services for communities in need around Cecil County. To establish better mechanisms for community oversight of local law enforcement to ensure accountability for all police misconduct.



To assist in equipping and empowering the youth of Cecil County with the tools and resources needed to help them confront racism and other social injustices in their lives and in our community. To do this we will partner with local schools to develop educational opportunities that will allow students to gain formative experiences in exploring racism, privilege, and social injustices in our society. To further their growth, we will provide additional opportunities for the youth of Cecil County to engage in collaborative discussion and direct actions focused on improving the lives of all minorities in our county.


Civic Engagement & Education

To educate and empower the citizens of Cecil County to increase their engagement in the political process. To do this we will support and direct actions that will ensure accountability of elected officials, increase voting for candidates and issues that further the cause of racial and social justice, educate individuals on how to run for elected offices, and improve knowledge about our individual and collective rights as citizens.


THANK YOU for your continued support of our organization.

In Solidarity,

Cecil Solidarity Board of Directors