Let’s talk about the Law Enforcement Officer Bill of Rights.

We need to ensure that law enforcement officers don’t get special rights, but instead have the same rights, privileges and protections that we do as every day Maryland residents. We need reform that gets at the heart of the issues we’re currently facing, and we need it now.

Let’s flood our state representative Mike Griffith’s inbox demanding that he vote to repeal the LEOBR.

Copy and paste the email template below and send it to: mike.griffith@house.state.md.us today.

Delegate Griffith,
It is imperative that in the next General Assembly Session the state of Maryland strike the Law Enforcement Officer Bill of Rights (Public Safety Article §3-101 through §3-113) and create an equalmplaying field for all Marylanders under the law.

Under the Law Enforcement Officer’s Bill of Rights, police are given special protections that are not afforded to every Marylander. This law makes it close to impossible for a police chief to properly discipline a problem officer or for any public body to investigate misconduct claims against officers.

Below are just some examples of the unnecessary protections:

1. Allowing only fellow law enforcement to conduct misconduct investigations
2. Allowing a long delay before an officer can be questioned regarding their misconduct
3. Expungement of disciplinary records

As a result of these protections, the trust between police and the community they serve is continually eroded. Marylanders need to know that the men and women they trust with their safety are truly deserving of that trust, and for that reason, I urge you to support a full repeal of the Law Enforcement Officer’s Bill of Rights.

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