Today we delivered copies of this letter to the Elkton PD. You can send your own from home. Let them know that we need a REAL ban on chokeholds!

Attn: Chief Donnelly
Elkton Police Department
100 Railroad Avenue
Elkton, MD 21921

Dear Chief Donnelly,

I am writing to you today in response to the recent change you made to the Elkton Police Department manual regarding the use of chokeholds. Upon seeing the actual language used, I continue to have serious concerns. In fact, it appears that this statement has now provided language within the manual to justify or to allow a chokehold or strangulation restraint.

Instituting an outright ban on all chokeholds and strangulation techniques has precedent in numerous law enforcement agencies across our country. There is no valid reason that our local police departments cannot be held to the same standard. For example, the Minneapolis Police Department recently added this language into their police manual:

“Neck Restraints and chokeholds are prohibited. Instructors are prohibited from teaching the use of neck restraints or choke holds.”

Simple, clear, and concise language sends a strong message that an unnecessary and deadly police tactic is not allowed by our local law enforcement officers.

While I do appreciate your time and effort on this matter, the language drafted on this issue is wholly deficient. I will not settle for anything less than a complete ban on deadly and inappropriate physical policing tactics.

So, I urge you, please institute a full ban on chokeholds.

Thank you for your time and for your service.

In Solidarity,
Your Name