We are asking all of our community members to contact the Mayor and Chief of Police of Rising Sun asking for Officer Stickney of Rising Sun PD to be immediately fired.

Officer Stickney has a long history of questionable policing and the Baltimore Sun recently wrote an article detailing it (see below for the article).

Now is the time for our voices to be heard loudly and clearly that our community expects accountability for all police officers. Let’s flood those inboxes with our demand and let them know that waiting for the legal system to act is not enough to protect our community from bad policing.

For more information, read the article in The Baltimore Sun.

An email template is included below.

Mayor Travis Marion: mayormarion@risingsunmd.org
Chief Peterson: chiefpeterson@risingsunmd.org

To the Mayor and the Chief of Police,

I am contacting you today to express my significant concerns about local Rising Sun police officer, Daniel Stickney Jr. As you are likely aware, an article from the Baltimore Sun was published recently detailing Officer Stickney’s questionable past including accusations of excessive force and involvement in a shooting. The fact that this officer is still on the Rising Sun Police force is shocking to me as a member of the community that he is sworn to serve and protect.

Not long ago, a Unity walk was held in Rising Sun in which both of you marched alongside your community members. At this event, you demonstrated your support to ensuring the safety and wellbeing of both our law enforcement officers and the community at large. I am now asking that you uphold the promise you made to care about the wellbeing of all of us by firing Officer Daniel Stickney, Jr.

His continued presence on the force makes me less safe and continues to create a negative relationship between law enforcement officers and our community.

The only appropriate response in this situation is for the immediate firing of this officer.

In Solidarity,