We made our collective voices heard on Saturday that our community wants chokeholds banned by the Elkton Police Department. The EPD responds to over half of the service calls for all of Cecil County. Chief Donnelly has it within his power to issue a General Order (per Chapter 3 Section 1 Article A of the EPD Manual) that would ban the use of chokeholds or any other restraint that restricts the airway.

We are asking all of our community members to use their individual voices and take the following actions:

  1. Call the Elkton Police Department at 410-398-4200 extension 6 and leave a message for Chief Donnelly demanding he take this needed action.
  2. Email Chief Donnelly at mdonnelly@elktonpd.org and use your voice to demand that he immediately ban chokeholds.

We want to be persistent in these actions to make sure that the Elkton Police Department and Chief Donnelly overwhelmingly feel the strong community support for this demand. Hundreds of phone calls and emails this week can send that message clearly.

As always, let’s lead with love and engage in peaceful and productive dialogue so that our request can be heard and not discounted.

We will be persistent and unyielding while also being respectful and courteous.

Please feel free to use copy and paste the following text:

Good morning/afternoon/evening Chief Donnelly,

I hope this email finds you well. I am writing to you today to ask if you are willing to issue an immediate ban on chokeholds and other restraints that restricts airways.

According to the Elkton Police Department manual, Chapter 3, Section 1, Article A, you have the power to issue a general order banning chokeholds for your department. Given that EPD responds to over half of the service calls in Cecil County, your ban would be significant for our community.

I look forward to hearing your answer. Thank you for taking the time.