This evening, the founders of this group held a conference call to discuss ways in which we could better support the efforts of Cecil Solidarity in a more organized and joined up manner. As a result of this meeting, we all agreed that we would operate as your steering committee and help provide strategic oversight and guidance to all of you moving forward. 

Next Steps

Once our action items are agreed by the majority in this group, we will form working groups led by each steering committee group member to ensure all of you are able to actively participate in our combined efforts and have your voices heard. This will help ensure we are consistent in our efforts across the County and are all aligned in our approach.  

Based on your feedback over the last week, our two main areas of focus regarding demands will be: police reform and education. Please stay tuned for additional details this week on what our proposed demands will be so you can weigh in and provide your feedback. Additionally, we are creating email templates that we will share with you to help send to the appropriate officials once these demand areas are finalized. 

Our Website 

We’ve created a website that you can also view for the latest news, information and resources. Please visit and also share with your family and friends who are not on Facebook. There, they can insert their email to receive communications that way as well. 

Saturday’s Rally

During our rally this Saturday, we will have two speakers and plenty of water to keep all who are planning to attend hydrated. It’s going to be a hot one, but we thank you for your support and your commitment! We look forward to STANDING IN SOLIDARITY with you on Saturday.  

And, remember, peaceful protesting means:

  • Don’t escalate! Remain calm. Stay focused on the goal. 
  • If people yell at you, respond with a chant such as “Black Lives Matter”
  • Use assertive ignoring: maintaining your space, calm and confident while also refusing to engage further. 
  • There is strength in numbers. Stand as a group (keeping in mind social distancing as best you can).