As agreed, we’ll be sharing the summaries of our steering committee meetings and any other meetings we have to keep you aware of what’s happening behind the scenes. Below is the recap for what we’ve been up to this week. Please review and comment in the space provided below or email us directly at if you have questions.

Mission/Vision Clarification

We are making updates to our agreed mission and vision statements to ensure our purpose is clear and we all are working toward the same shared ideas and goals for Cecil Solidarity. More information will be shared with all of you next week. 

501c3 Status

We are moving forward with our desire to become a 501c3. We are working with local professionals to draft our bylaws which will serve as the main governing document for Cecil Solidarity. More information on how we will operate moving forward will be shared as soon as we have completed this process. 

Board of Directors

We discussed current gaps among our Board of Directors and will hold an application process to identify and select the best candidate to fulfil our immediate need. More information regarding the application process and candidate requirements will be shared with you all shortly.

Follow Up Meetings with Community Leaders

We are in the process of setting up a series of targeted meetings with various groups to have more detailed discussions with regard to the immediate changes we want to see take place in our community. Please see the breakdown below for next week:

On Tuesday, June 30, the Board of Directors will meet with local community and faith-based organizations including the NAACP and the Greater Elkton Ministerial Alliance of Cecil County. The purpose will be to share our goals and overall vision for Cecil Solidarity, and discuss ways we can partner and align the work they’re already doing with our main priorities regarding police and education reform in Cecil County. 

We also have a planned sit down with Alan McCarthy on Wednesday, July 1,  to further discuss our goals and vision and continue talks on how we can work with him and other community leaders to address our police and education reform demands. 

We’ve reached out to Chief Donnelly of the Elkton Police Department to get a date/time where we can have a more detailed discussion regarding our goals for local police reform and to also learn more details about the changes that him and his team are looking to implement. We will provide updates on when this is taking place when we have an agreed date/time. 


As mentioned last week, we are forming various subcommittees that are sponsored by each Board member to ensure all of you are able to actively participate in our combined efforts and have your voices heard. Please be on the lookout for additional information on how you can join and volunteer on one of the subcommittees in the coming days. 

Upcoming Events

Saturday, June 27 –  North East Park @ 11:30 a.m. 

Sunday, July 5 –  Perryville Library @ 11:30 a.m.